Nicola Lucie is a Shamanic Practitioner specialising in Shadow integration work. She has pioneered a process of Shadow Walking with the Maiden, Mother and Crone to empower the feminine and liberate the soul. For more information, please visit

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Nuria Peguera is a Feminine Alchemy Facilitator. She supports women worldwide to transform in a magical way, through dance, sacred sexuality, ritual and menstrual therapy. Nuria can be reached on


Jennifer Merritt is an intuitive oracle card reader and crystal healer. She channels messages between the universe and the heart. Jennifer is available for private readings and you can connect with her on Instagram @sparkledivinegoddessofthesoul

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Darshana Elena Scola is a Spiritual Mystic. Her mission is to bring people into contact with their true nature. She received Sannyas from Osho in 1984, and trained in Pune (India), Sedona (USA), DevAura (UK), and in Italy. To find out more about her work, please visit

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Maria K is an international coach and motivational speaker. With an innate knack for bringing the best out of others, she facilitates individuals and corporations around the world, helping them to achieve success, freedom and happiness. To find out how Maria can help, please visit

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Magda Procner is a yoga teacher whose mission is to guide people into a full state of presence through conscious movement, breath work, mantra and meditation. She co-runs Parinama Yoga Studio in Goa, India and organises retreats worldwide. Connect with Magda on


ShaSha Crow is a mystic and soul searcher. She is the creator of Spirit Rebel Journey, a mentoring programme to help people discover their own unique spirituality. To connect with ShaSha, visit


Simon Buck is a nomadic conscious artist inspired to make the world a better place through his beautiful art. Simon is available for private commissions and you can connect with him on Instagram @earthtriber


The Bone and Body Clinic specialise in the holistic treatment of musculoskeletal misalignment and dislocation, displacement and instability in the joints–especially the spine. Clients come from all over the world to clinics in Goa and Dharmkot in India, and to Portugal in Europe. To find out more, please visit


Taran Boyton is the owner of Holy Cow Yoga in the UK and she runs retreats in India and Ibiza. She is committed to connecting to her true essence and having fun through yoga. Connect with Taran via


Tamzin McGann is an organic lifestyle coach who specialises in developing luxury beauty and wellness products for individuals and companies all over the world. Connect with Tamzin on Instagram @tammcgannlifestyle and discover how her bespoke programmes can benefit your spiritual health and wellbeing.


Alex Gray is an actress, writer, mother and cancer survivor. Drawing from her own experiences, she offers support and advice to others seeking alternative ways to healing. Connect with Alex on email