This is my story, but its is every woman's  story. This is a tale of love loss survival and healing. Of how one woman survived the death of 3 partners, all young men in their 40s. How she picked herself off the floor and asked for help. How she faced her heartache, and healed her soul by walking through the darkness to come out the Other Side. This is the story that will take you the reader into the heart of your being and will show you a pathway to healing where love is stronger than death. This is my story but it is also yours. Because within us all is a spark of the divine that connects your heartbeat with mine.


Book 2: The Truth - is the art of being

I take my story to a sleepy fishing village in South Goa, India, where I build a new life for myself and my young son. But the brutal murder of a young Irish girl stops me in my tracks, as I feel her pain and suffering in my heart, and something deep inside me began to stir. It seemed that death had a way of following me . And so I stepped into the shadows of the underworld, and the land of the dead welcomed me in. In The Truth- Is The Art of Being I examine the art of living and dying, based on the teachings of The Tibetan Bardo and The Pagan Book of the Living and Dying. My journey of discovery takes me across India where I soon realise that the knowledge I was receiving from the outside world was already within me, stored in the consciousness that unites us all.


Book 3: the truth - within the heart of love

" Write the book and he will come............"

The final book in the series takes me deeper into mySelf and into the internal alchemy of the goddess. As I discover secrets that are buried deep within my  soul , I open my heart to love and a magical man  walks into my life......

And so the story continues.

In Book 1 : The Truth - My journey to the Other side

I examine healing the Self through Eastern Philosophy and Jungian Psychotherapy. Following the suicide of my first partner, the sudden death of my husband, and the loss of a third partner, I am overwhelmed by a sadness that infiltrates my soul and forces me to face my true ‘Self’ for the first time. As my story unfolds, and I start to heal, I realise this suffering didn’t happen To me, it happened For me, and my ‘ordinary’ life is transformed into a life worth living.