This is the amazing true story of how one young woman transformed her life following the devastating and unexpected deaths of 3 partners, all vibrant men in their 40s. After years of struggling , author Dee Delaney finds her way back to her true self and leaves the past behind in England, to start a new life in India. The amazing stories and experiences Dee writes about have taken her across India and Europe to discover the fascinating truth about who she is and her life’s purpose.  The Truth Within is a remarkable trilogy that will take you the reader into the heart of your being and show you a pathway to healing where love is stronger than death. 


In Book 1 : The Truth - My journey to the Other side

For five long years, the author Dee Delaney struggles to make sense of her life as she pushes, screams and battles with the dark shadows of grief that weave their way into the fabric of her very being, until one day on March 21st, 2015, she stops everything and surrenders.

In this honest, raw and sometimes humorous account, Dee explains how she finds the way back to her true self, through the richness of Eastern spirituality, and the wisdom of Western psychotherapy. As her story unfolds, Dee realises this suffering didn’t happen to her, it happened for her, and her ‘ordinary’ life is transformed forever. Dee leaves her comfortable middle class life in England and starts a new life for herself and her little boy, in Goa India.


Book 2: The Truth - is the art of being

Dee takes her story to a sleepy fishing village in South Goa, India, where she builds a new life for herself and her young son. But the brutal murder of a young Irish girl stops her in her tracks. As she feels her pain and suffering in her heart something deep inside her began to stir.

It seemed that death had a way of following her around. And so Dee stepped into the shadows of the underworld, and the land of the dead welcomed her in.

In her 2nd book Dee examines the art of living and dying through the richness of Tibetan Buddhism and the wisdom of the Goddess. This journey brings her back to England , where she trains as a Soul Midwife to help people die with dignity. Here she discovers that her story is only just beginning……


Book 3: the truth - within the heart of love

After spending 3 years travelling across India and Europe in search of the Truth, Dee’s journey finally comes to an end.

This wondrous life had one more story to tell, as it weaved it’s magic through Dee’s blood, and gifted her with a message from the Divine to share for our time.

In her 3rd book Dee examines the story of the Goddess and the art of sacred sexuality through teachings from the ancient Mystery Schools in the East and West. Her journey takes her to France, where she discovers secrets carvings in a Knights Templar Church that links her to the story of Jesus and the Divine Sophia.

The Truth: Within the Heart of Love is a beautiful story for our time. Written in the poetic language of the soul, it invites the reader to let go of the old world of suffering and step into a new paradigm of peace.